Sushi and Kappo Restaurant. Aoizushi

JR Kanazawa Station The Kanazawa chops (West Exit) 10-minute walk.
We offer the best fish of the season.

About Aoizushi

We have a silent confidence
that you will find the sushi
we serve truly amazing.

History of Aoizushi
The head chef is Mr. Nobuharu Hase.

In 1963 at the age of 17, I entered the world of sushi artisanship and became an apprentice at a sushi restaurant in Osaka. I then returned to Kanazawa three years later and continued my pursuit in the world of sushi. It was at this time that I realized the Kanazawa area is incredibly rich in ingredients needed for sushi.

Ishikawa prefecture is surrounded by ocean on three sides, so there is an abundance of different varieties of fish. Also, the clean water flowing from nearby Mt. Hakusan is perfect for making great rice. On top of that, the full bodied taste of the natural salt made in Ishikawa's Noto peninsula adds to any dish. And, in Ono town, called Kanazawa's gateway to the sea, people have been making soy sauce with a unique, recognizable flavor for over 390 years.

Along with the fish, Kanazawa has the rice and all the ingredients for great sushi. These perfect conditions can only lead to delicious food.

With these great ingredients, I believe the sushi here is not only the best in Japan but the best in the world.

For me, discovering Japan was discovering Kanazawa.

With the depth of cooking and food in Kanazawa, and realizing I needed to study more, I decided to make a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant in Kanazawa. In 1972, when I was 26, I started "Aoi Sushi"

For the name of the shop, I used the Chinese character for wasabi, and named the shop "Aoi Sushi". As you probably know, wasabi is an essential part of sushi. Using raw wasabi creates a very fresh taste. So for me, the feeling is "this fresh taste will continue forever!"

We have a specially contracted rice paddy where we grow rice especially for sushi. Also, we have a sake brewed specifically for the shop called "Aoi" that goes great with sushi.
We are continuing to strive and work hard to create and serve the best food and drinks.
Our philosophies are "specialize in everything that goes into sushi" and "serve the best of the season".

Access and Restaurant Information

Menu items are carefully selected according to the season. This sushi restaurant prides itself on offering delicious, seasonal Hokuriku seafood, as well as a lovely atmosphere.

1-5-46, Nagata, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa,920-0043
JR Kanazawa Station The Kanazawa chops Exit (West Exit) 10-minute walk.
11:00〜23:00(Final order 22:30)
Every Wednesday, 1st Jan.
Language Support
English, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified and traditional) Menus available.
Cards accepted
VISA, MasterCard, UC, Diners Club, American Express, JCB, SAISON, MUFG
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Restaurant seating
70 seats
Counter, tatami seating, and private rooms (tatami and tables) are available.
・Tatami private room (1 room for 10 to 12 people, partition available)
・Tatami private room (2 rooms for 6 to 8 people, partition available)
・Table private room (1 room for 10 to 12 people)
Please ask staff about private rooms prior to coming.
The counters are non-smoking, and in the rest of the restaurant smoking is permitted.
Western lavatory available
Handicap lavatory available
Small children welcome
Wifi available
Cell phone charging available

About Reservation

Reservations and phone calls in Japanese only.
If you would like to make a reservation, please ask your hotel or accommodation staff to make it for you.